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Tips for An Easy, Stress-Free Kid-Friendly Vacation

Most people think of Disney when they think of kid-friendly resorts, and while Disney certainly does have pleasing kids down to a science – it’s not your only option.

First thing to do when trying to plan a family trip with something for everyone is to call your travel agent. They will either tell you first-hand where the best resorts are located, or they will know someone who has been to one they can recommend.

First things First

  • Have a family meeting. – Ask everyone for their input on where they would like to go. The beach, the mountains, out West, overseas, etc.
  • Call your travel agent. – Tell your agent what you are thinking about and get their input on the best places for families to vacation.
  • Decide how long you will be gone. – This will depend greatly on where you should go. You want to make sure your destination has enough to do for the amount of time you’ll be there.
  • Make a packing list. – Have your travel agent send you one that’s tailored to your destination, or research and download a few from the Internet.
  • Get organized. – It’s never too early to start organizing your trip. Plan for things you need to buy for your packing list. Plan for spending money and funds you will need for dining out.

Kid-Friendly and all-inclusive family resorts will have tons of amenities to meet your family’s every need. The best part is that you can all eat, sleep and play in one place. In addition, these resorts will have top-notch baby gear rentals, family activities and even baby-sitting services so Mom and Dad can share the evenings together. Ask your travel agent about booking a suite over a room or adjoining rooms to give your family a combination of family gathering and private space.

Relaxing at a beautiful resort is great, but after a couple days of down-time, you might want to put on your walking shoes and venture out – swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and golfing, sightseeing on foot, are all great active options. Have your agent provide you with a list of places to visit outside the resort where you can purchase locally made gift items and meaningful souvenirs. Your travel agent also can provide you with information on public transportation, or the best way to get to your shopping or sightseeing destination.

plan a family trip

Beach vacations are terrific for family-friendly fun in the sun, but what if you’re not a fan of the sand between your toes? Tell your travel agent exactly what kind of trip you are looking for: a mountain resort in Montana or Colorado, a country horseback riding adventure in the Poconos, Texas or Arizona, or a visit to a castle in Ireland or Scotland so you can satisfy your love of history while your young ones can see how princes and princesses really lived.

The most important thing is that your vacation experience should be fun and as stress-free as possible. That’s why you need to enlist the help of a travel agent who can help plan all the details.

Tips for an easy stress-free kid-friendly vacation