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Things To Do Before Going On Vacation – Your Travel Checklist

You’ve picked your vacation spot, booked your plane tickets, your hotel reservations, and shopped for your must-have vacation wardrobe essentials. 

You’re ready to go, right? Well, not so fast….

It is just as important to have a great checklist to make sure everything you are leaving behind is prepared for your vacation too.  The last thing you want is to get to a great vacation location and start obsessing you may have forgotten to stop the mail or take out the garbage. 

This is a great guide to make sure your mind is at ease when you hit your favorite spot.

Mail and Other Deliveries

Hold your paper mail (and newspaper). This can easily done online. Mail stacking up screams to would-be burglars “I’m not home!”

Get someone to pick up packages on your doorstep. Just realized you have something being delivered while you’re gone? If it can’t be reschedule put a neighbor or friend on alert to pick it up for you.

Set up auto reply for email. Especially important for your work account if you won’t be returning emails while on vacation, but a nice gesture to friends and family on your personal account as well.

DO NOT talk about your upcoming travels on social media if your house will be sitting completely empty. This is another way you can essentially throw out the welcome mat for burglars.


Pay any bills that will be due while you are away.

Empty anything you won’t need out of your wallet. If you lose your wallet on vacation (or have it stolen) you’ll be glad you took this step.

Call your bank and your credit card companies. Give them a heads up you will be using your cards out of your normal area, especially if you are leaving the country. Your card might be blocked and you won’t be able to make purchases (usually temporarily) if you don’t take this step.

Living Things

Call and confirm with your dog kennel.  Fido will thank you.

Call and confirm with the cat sitter. Mr. Fluffy will thank you.

Make certain you have left enough food and water for the cat (for shorter trips). Mr. Fluffy will REALLY thank you.

Water your plants. If you are going to be gone long enough that they will get thirsty again, make sure you plan for someone you trust to water them while you are gone.


Unplug all the appliances that won’t be in use. This saves electricity and money.

Clean out your fridge so you don’t come home to moldy food.

Take out all of your garbage and recycling. Worse than spoiled food in fridge? Spoiled food in your garbage.

Check your washer and dryer. Worse than moldy food in your garbage? Moldy clothes in your washer.

Turn down your heat and water heater. If it is winter make certain your home will not be so cold that your pipes will freeze.

Just Before You Walk Out The Door….

Lock all of your windows.

Close your garage door. Bonus points if there is some sort of physical lock on your garage door.

Lock all of your doors.

Arm your alarm.

Once all these are checked off you’re ready.  You can take off on your vacation knowing your home, bank account, and pets are being taken care of. When you return to a clean and organized home you will be able to hold onto that vacation relaxation just a little bit longer.  A great travel checklist helps you do just that.

Now tell us what we missed – what is a must-have for your before-you-leave travel checklist?