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It’s common to think of travel agents as people who book places and events, who arrange schedules and double (triple!) check reservations. And all of that is true — they do that for sure, and they do it well.

But have you ever considered that if you hire a travel agent you are hiring someone who can facilitate deeply personal and meaningful experiences for you — based on who you are and what matters to you — that you would never be able to create on your own?

Consider this awesome story from superstar agent Karen Quinn. It will change how you think of the role of travel agents. And it might also change how you approach your next adventure.

Why Hire a Travel Agent?

I had a couple booked on a trip to Switzerland. After they made their deposit, they reached out to me – I got a call from them.

They own a cattle ranch and wondered if they could visit a ranch in Switzerland. It might seem like a strange request. But what is travel if not the ultimate chance to connect and learn from others? It was really a brilliant opportunity for them to exchange ideas, learn new things, and build relationships across borders and cultures.

I used my contacts and spoke with the head of the local cattle ranchers association in one of the areas of Switzerland that they planned to visit. We set up a date for the Swiss rancher to pick them up at their hotel. I suggested my clients take along a small album with pictures of their ranch to share during their visit.

why hire a travel agent
The day was a fabulous success! Not only did they get a full tour in a gorgeous part of the world — they were even invited to dinner at the home of the Swiss rancher and his wife.

More than any other part of their trip, this real experience stayed with them. This personal connection was the highlight of their trip. And the truth is, they never would have gotten this experience on their own. When they came to me with their request, I immediately started thinking about who I had access to and could get in touch with who could make this dream a reality.

I love this part of my job as a travel agent. Bringing people together and offering extraordinary glimpses into the worlds and lives and work of others — across language and culture — is a huge reason I get such joy out of what I do. 

What about you? Beyond just the itinerary and the bookings — what is it you really want to experience? Fill out the search form below, and let’s see what we can create together. There’s a whole world out there for you, just waiting to be discovered.