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Where Should You Go On Vacation Next?

Have you always wanted to travel to a specific destination just because you’ve heard it’s beautiful?

Are you basing your decision on your parents’ second-honeymoon they took to said destination more than 20 years ago?

Are you certain that you will feel the same way about that destination that your best friend did when she visited there 15 years ago?

Keep in mind things change, and even though a place offers beautiful scenery, it doesn’t mean you should spend your hard-earned money there. The best way to know if you should go, is to ask your travel agent.

While you can google just about any destination on Earth, your travel agent will know the details that will help them give you the best advice on where and where NOT to go. If you’ll end up spending more money and having a lesser quality experience, your agent will redirect you to the perfect vacation spot. Who wants to come home from a trip looking at it as an expense rather than an investment?

Vacations are just that. They are an investment in your health and well being, an investment in the ones you love, and an investment in your career. We examined this idea in the previous blog post You Can’t Afford Not to Travel. Check it out!

While scenery certainly is something to consider when planning a vacation experience, choose the place that will add something to your life—that special something you’ll always remember.

where should I vacation

After all, would you go on a tour without a guide? If you did, you would be wandering aimlessly and not getting the true picture of the place you’re in. You’ll walk away from the tour having missed out on all the wonderful details that would have made the experience truly memorable.

Travel agents dig in to your destination and dig up all the fun, fabulous and fulfilling things about it. They also dig up the dirt and give you good reasons why you should steer clear of a certain place.

Remember that your travel agents know things that a google search won’t reveal:

How to keep you safe

• Have you ever been in a bad situation while traveling and had to find your own way out? With a travel agent, all you have to do is call them if you find yourself in danger abroad or anywhere. It’s their job to make arrangements to get you to safety, reroute your flight, or change your accommodations, keeping you with peace of mind. 

Best deals on entertainment and dining

• Your travel agent will have inside information specific to your destination. Where will you get the best dining experience for the price? Do you need reservations? What are the entertainment options, and are there package deals you can only get through your agent?

Help setting a budget and making the most of it

• If you tell your agent how much you have to spend on your vacation, the destination that will give you the most rewarding experiences is probably already in their mind.

The good, the bad and the ugly

• When you told your travel agent where you wanted to go, did they smile big and rattle off a list of wonderful things about the place, or did they wince a bit and ask, “Why is this destination important to you?” Remember that if your agent is excited about your trip, you will be, too. If they have reservations about it, you should, too.

So, the best way to know where you should or shouldn’t go, is to seek help from the professionals who make it their job to ensure you are going to a place you will love.

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