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The #1 Most Forgotten Item | Traveling Internationally

You’ve got your favorite walking shoes. Your versatile wardrobe. Your pocket dictionary and guidebook. But here’s a super important item than many travelers overlook: a Multi-Country Adapter.

This handy gadget is a must have for any trip outside the U.S. As you may know, electrical outlets everywhere vary. Not only will the outlets look different, but often the voltage of the outlet is different as well. A universal adapter will act as a buffer for your power cord so you can use a foreign outlet without blowing a fuse in the hotel.

A quality universal adapter will have multiple converter options, like this Maxah Universal AdapterIt offers conversions for Europe, the UK, and Australia, so one easy investment will cover many future trips. There’s a surge protector is built into the device, so you won’t need to worry about shorting the outlet.

Some high-end hotels offer a universal converter complimentary in the room. But one converter won’t be sufficient if you want to charge your phone and your laptop while also using your flat iron. Plus, there’s never a guarantee the hotel will have a converter for you to use. It’s always best to bring your own.

Having the best outlet converters is a small detail that adds up to big savings when it comes to time and hassle.

You know who has a million of these time- and money-saving tips at the ready? Your travel agent.

Travel agents know what you need before you take off so that you are totally prepared for your trip.  With the Internet, it can be tempting to research and book your own trip, but using a travel agent who specializes in the type of trip you want to take is often a much smarter way to plan your next vacation. 

Should I hire a travel agent

Travel Agents save you hours and hours of time researching. They know the ins and outs of the destination, they get you the best deals and sometimes free upgrades, they save you from hassles and headaches, and they make your trip as enjoyable as possible. 

For your next trip, use the search tool below to find a fantastic travel agent that specializes in the type of trip that you want to take. And don’t forget the outlet adapter.