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Travel Agent vs The Internet

“There are still travel agents around?” is a common question these professionals hear. “Why choose a travel agent when I can just use the Internet to plan my vacation? But the real question you should be asking is, “Why not use a travel agent?”

Here is a list of 9 reasons why a travel agent is better than the Internet:

travel agent verses internet

9. Been There, Done That!

Travel agents do their fair share of traveling. They’ve tasted the food, met the staff and seen the sights, so they can offer the best options for you and your family based on their personal experiences. If they have not traveled to the destination you desire, they know someone close to them who has.

8. Replace Frustration with Fun

Traveling is an investment in making memories with loved ones. When you are spending thousands of dollars on that investment, the process of creating the perfect vacation should be fun. Taking planning into your own hands means you must think of every question that can come up as well as look for all the answers. This, no doubt, will leave you frustrated and confused. Your travel agent, however, has the answers or knows where to get them, so you don’t have to spend hours online or on the phone trying to find them for yourself.

why hire a travel agent

7. Every Family Member Matters

Considering every family member that is traveling, your agent is sure to find activities, events and excursions that will make everyone happy and give each one in your party their best vacation memories.

6. Privy to Promotions.

Professional planners can find the exact same deals as you do, or better, but what you can’t find online are the special promotions that only travel agents have access to. All-inclusive resorts, cruise lines and tours, etc., offer special rates and packages to travel agents and are not available to do-it-yourselfers.

5. Personal Touch.

Many clients who have tried to book their own travel end up seeking out a travel agent because they want to talk to a person, not stare at a computer screen or struggle through automated 1-800-lines. It also helps to have someone share in your excitement and see a smiling face, or at least hear a caring voice, that says, “everything is going to be okay.”

4. They Know Things You Don’t.

Relationship-building is key for travel agents. They know all sorts of promoters throughout the tourism industry they can tap into for upgrades, VIP tickets and reservations to prestigious establishments that will not be found online.

travel agent vs internet

3. They Have Your Back.

Flight delayed, or worse, canceled? Grab a seat at a nearby restaurant, relax, and call your travel agent to arrange a new flight. Your travel agent is there for you 24/7 while you are traveling.

2. Research on Their Time

Planning your own trip takes hours upon hours of research from destinations and airfare to making sure the hotel or resort has enough amenities available to satisfy every member of your family. Travel agents do all the work of researching, planning and advising based on their training, their own personal travel experiences and the experiences of other clients.

1. Personal Assistance.

Sometimes things happen. You get to the airport and the car you ordered is not there to pick you up. The hotel or resort you are staying at does not have you in their system, although you have a confirmation number right in front of you. Your travel agent is on-call to take care of any issue that might come up during your travels. That kind of personal service continues as you are enjoying your vacation.

Try utilizing the services of a travel agent to help you plan your next vacation and experience the difference in the quality of your much-needed getaway.