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Top Travel Apps For 2017

Today’s technology offers an app for just about every aspect of your travel. Apps help make your travel experience more comfortable, compact and calm.

Want to be well informed about your flight status and airport amenities?

Once you have booked with your travel agent, you can download apps like FlightAware (free). It tracks real time flight status of your booked flights as well as air traffic once you’re in flight. Its GPS will allow you to see the path of nearby aircraft as well as the one on which you are traveling.

The free iFly airport guide offers information on more than 700 airports that helps travelers quickly locate nearest amenities such as restaurants, shopping and ATMs. It lets you know if Wi-Fi is available and even where the closest restroom is located. This app also includes flight tracking and a GPS.

Need help with what and how to pack?

PackPoint is a free app that keeps an organized list of packing essentials. It considers whether your travel is for business or leisure, the temperatures and weather conditions along your journey and activities in which you will be participating along the way. Your list can be shared with your travel partners as well.

PackingPro (cost $2.99) is another popular app that will help you stay ultra-organized. It is extremely detailed in helping you create various packing lists depending on where you are going, and when and why you are going there. It will help you make reusable packing lists for every member of your family.

With a packing app, you may never again have to say, “Oh no! I forgot ________.”

Traveling out of the country and don’t speak the language?

Apps like Google Translate, one of the most popular, free translator apps for globe trotters, can help. No internet connection is needed, and it allows for conversations in 80 languages. So, communicating with people in Japanese, Chinese, Swahili, Hebrew, Hindi or Yiddish, among many others, is no problem.

Another free app is iTranslate, which also needs no internet connection. It translates conversations and websites in 90 languages. Just select your language and start talking!

Want to ensure your safety?

Download the Emergensee app, which turns your smart phone into a personal safety device. Click a button, and you can transmit audio, video and GPS to selected friends and family who can contact authorities if you cannot.

GeoSure is another app that helps you enjoy the adventure of traveling without putting yourself at risk. It tracks street crime, health risks, political instability, cyber security and even environmental hazards.

Downloading these helpful apps on your smart phone is almost like having a personal assistant to keep you on the move during your travels. A well-equipped smart phone and your trusted Travel Agent on-call will ensure you get the most out of your trip so that you can spend less time fearful and frustrated and more time enjoying the journey.