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Planning A Vacation On A Budget

Below is a guest post from Travel Agent Trish DeDamos. Read on to see how she saved her clients hundreds of dollars and helped them plan an amazing trip within their budget.

One of the hardest parts of planning a trip independently, in my opinion, is finding a destination within a budget that doesn’t feel like compromising. When doing independent research, it can feel like your only sure-thing options are high end, big-buck destinations and resorts – because if you’re searching specifically for great vacation deals and discounts, it always seems like there’s a catch in the fine print.

As a travel agent, it’s my job to know the spectrum of options a client can pursue within their budget. I take into consideration how much they want to spend on lodging versus activities. I assess if they should invest in a meal plan or if they want to be out and about and have their meals on the go. There are many things that factor in. It’s like a giant puzzle, and it’s a lot easier for me to piece it together than the average traveler because I’m familiar with the destinations and travel packages. 

A while back, I worked with a couple planning their honeymoon. They wanted a fun getaway to celebrate, but after all the money they spent on the wedding, but they didn’t want the trip to break the bank. They decided on a place in Las Vegas because it was cheap. They thought it was the only thing they could afford.

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I was able to show them that they could stay at a nicer property, an all-inclusive, 4-star resort, for the same length of stay AND within the same budget they had planned for. During their whole trip, they ate for free and had an amazing time. It was exactly the kind of pampered trip they wanted to celebrate their marriage without spending too much money.

I have worked with this same couple a few times since their honeymoon, and each time they have wonderful experiences for a reasonable cost. Just recently I helped plan an Alaskan cruise for them and a few of their relatives. The cost of the trip included meals on the ship and $300 worth of onboard credit.

The relatives didn’t believe the price was a good deal and put off making a reservation for the trip. After the cruise, my clients told me their relatives had made a reservation for the cruise through a different venue. They ended up paying more than my clients for the same cruise package, and their price did NOT include the $300 onboard credit.trish dedamos

For me, the best part about working with clients on a budget is helping them get the most for their money. There’s always enough for the vacation you deserve. And a travel agent can help you get there.

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