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Your Ultimate Checklist for International Travel

International travel can be both exciting and overwhelming. You spend a great deal of time choosing your destination and planning the places you will visit. You should give just as much attention, if not more, to planning and preparing the details of your departure from home.  This International Travel checklist will help you do just that.  With a checklist in hand you won’t skip any important steps to making your vacation everything you are hoping for.

 International Travel checklist

Your Travel Agent can answer any questions you have with this checklist.

Two months before:

Make sure your Passport is current.  If you need to renew or obtain a passport allow enough time for this, it’s not usually a quick process.

Make sure you have any visas you may require.

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Research your Medical Insurance. Your coverage may not extend into the country to which you’re traveling. You may want to purchase supplemental insurance that will cover you while you’re on your trip if yours does not.

Research and purchase Travel Insurance.

Get any and all vaccinations that you need.  It can take up to a month for your body to build up antibodies, so plan ahead.


One Week Before:

Call your credit card companies and banks. Tell them you will be using your credit card or debt card outside of the country.

Refill any prescription you need, make sure you have enough for your entire trip, plus some extras for unexpected delays. Always leave prescription medication in its original packaging, and it’s a good idea to also pack a copy of your prescription.

Make photocopies of your passport, ID, credit cards you will be traveling with, tickets, and reservation information. Keep one copy with you, in a separate bag from the originals, and give a copy to a trusted friend or family member who is not traveling with you.


One Day Before:

Pack your carry-on bag. Your carry-on bag should not only contain items to keep you comfortable, fed and entertained in-flight, it should also contain enough clothing and supplies to last you a day or two if your checked luggage gets lost. All of your prescription medication, and any other irreplaceable items should be in your carry-on and kept with you at all times.

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