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We have built an online Travel Expert Directory – – that is a searchable database of Travel Agents/Experts all over North America.

We are on a mission to put Travel Experts back on the map!! Travel is at an all time high – especially luxury travel experiences – and people are overwhelmed with planning and booking their own travel online. They need you!! And we’re going to help them find you.

Our goal is to match you up with DREAM clients!

Being listed in this new Premiere Travel Expert Directory is a simple, easy, low-cost way to get more DREAM clients.

In this short video, we’ll show you how it works…




The search engines are one method we are using, however, we won’t be trying to compete with the major suppliers such as Expedia because we are targeting clients who are ideal candidates for Travel Agents — clients that have budgets of $10K or more.

For the clients who want to jet off to Cancun for $2K, using a major supplier like Expedia is perfect for them. They are not a good use of your time and expertise. So we aren’t going to be competing with the “big boys”. We’re going to be targeting the clients that are booking big trips and need your expertise.

On the search engines, we will eventually be ranked high on search terms that your ideal clients are using to search for you. Then, through other methods, such as media and email marketing, we are educating travelers on what types of trips they should definitely hire a travel agent for, and why hiring one is a smart decision.

As far as SEO goes (although that is only one method we’ll be using to market the directory), we have a secret weapon. The agency that is handling all of the SEO for the directory only takes on big name clients, and for very high fees. They win at highly competitive keywords such as “Baby Stroller” and “Financial Planning”. All of their clients are either famous gurus or big name brands.

So how on earth are we paying for that level of SEO for our fantastic little directory?

The answer is this – Heidi’s husband owns and operates the SEO ad agency, and their companies frequently collaborate on client projects, taking advantage of each other’s strengths.

With this ‘secret weapon’, along with some other ninja marketing strategies, we are going to put Travel Agents back on the map!! And we invite you to be part of the movement!

How You Will Get Found

When you purchase your new listing you will give us the keywords that describe the type of client you work with (specifically your DREAM client!) and the types of trips you plan for them. We’ll then include those keywords in your listing so that when a prospective new client uses any of those keywords to search for a Travel Agent that best suites their needs, you will come up!


We do NOT use your location, because it doesn’t matter. You can work with clients from anywhere. We are focused on helping you get more DREAM clients – the specific type of client that you LOVE to work with, and who want to go on the specific types of trips that you plan best.

Requirements to be Listed

You must be a Travel Agent :). It’s preferable, for you, that you have your own branded website, but if you don’t, we can direct your clients to contact you another way. We reserve the right to remove any listings in the case of verified consumer complaints, we will maintain the integrity of this Directory. Clients should only find Great Agents here.

If You’re Already Listed in Other Directories,
Why Get Listed in this One?



In order to land new dream clients on a regular basis, you need to be as visible as possible. For example, just because you have a Facebook Business Page doesn’t mean you should skip having a LinkedIn Profile – you should have both! They are two different platforms and you need to be visible on both of them. The same goes with the rest of your marketing. If you want to be continually landing new dream clients, you need to be as visible as possible.

Here’s the Best Part

You get a FULL year listing for just $397!!

After you purchase your listing, we’ll get it live right away (within 2-3 weeks after you send in your details). After a year, you’ll have the option to renew your listing for another year.

If you get just ONE new dream client in the next 12 months from this Directory, it is worth the investment.

Be sure to ask every new client how they heard about you! Track where all of your clients come from.

Order your listing now so that you are more visible to DREAM clients!!

What Your Listing Will Look Like

Below is an example of what the Directory Home page and an individual listing looks like.





* Please note due to the nature of this product, your investment is non-refundable.


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