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Nothing Compares to First-Hand Scuba Diving Travel Tips

Below is a special guest post from Travel Agent Mario Parker. Read further for his insight on why travel agents give the best recommendations for travel adventures.

One of the great things about working with a travel agent is that the really good ones have a lot of personal travel experience. When you’re planning a trip, you can do a lot of research on a specific destination or excursions for a particular city, but nothing compares to a first-hand recommendation from someone who has already taken that trip or gone on that excursion.

As a travel agent who specializes in land and sea adventures and eco-tours, I love recommending some of the amazing trips I’ve taken myself.


One of the best eco-tours I’ve ever taken was at Ambergris Caye in Belize. I spent two weeks with several companies offering scuba diving, snorkeling, and nature tours by boat or through the jungle.

The scuba diving was outstanding with clear water and lots of coral and fish, including eels and lobster. I even dove the Blue Hole and saw bull sharks. Then I took a nature tour on a boat through the jungle. It was amazing to see the howling monkeys in the trees along the shore, the birds swooping overhead, and crocodiles on the banks.

On another tour, this one with couples and their families, I snorkeled in one area with gentle nurse sharks and sting rays. Later in my trip, I did some fly-fishing for bonefish on nearby flats with a guide and caught nearly a dozen fish. The trip was amazing with great food. I will definitely go back
again sometime.

Mario Parker

So when my clients come to me and want to know what types of excursions I recommend or where to get an unusual tropical experience that’s eco-focused and slightly off the beaten path – I know just what to offer them. And as someone who loves exploring the world as much as they do, I make it my business to travel, to see what’s out there, to stay in the places that are getting all the buzz, as well as those quieter places that come highly recommended and are still offering high-quality services and experiences. I sample the food. I sign up for the adventures. I speak with the business community. All of this gives me a deeper level of expertise and appreciation for the places I visit – and the places you’ll visit. It’s experiences like these that I love to share with my clients.

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