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Packing Tips For a Business Trip

Packing for a business trip is a little different than packing for a vacation. It’s often last-minute, so you don’t have the luxury of time and planning.

Travel agents are usually the ones that handle business travel for their corporate clients, which makes it a cinch for the traveler. Ask your travel agent all the need-to-know questions such as:

  • Does my hotel have a swimming pool? (Don’t forget to ask if it’s indoor or outdoor.)
  • How about a gym?
  • Is there a restaurant/bar inside the hotel?
  • Are there entertainment/sightseeing opportunities within walking distance, or will I need a cab?

Depending on the answers, you will know whether to bring your swimsuit, walking shoes, workout clothes and evening wear.

In addition to having the appropriate clothes for meetings, corporate dinners and working in the office, there are all kinds of gadgets worth taking along that won’t take up much space in your suitcase or carry on.

Luggage handle covers — provide a comfortable grip while pulling a heavy suitcase through an airport, but also make a great identifier. They are bright and colorful so it’s easy to spot your bags when they come around the carousel.

Electronics organizer — for all your mobile devices, adaptors, power cords and headphones—noise canceling ones are best for working while in flight. Having everything in one neat place helps you keep track of it all.

Universal adaptor — allows you to charge your laptop, cell phone and PDA in 150 countries.

Portable cell phone charger – provides a boost of emergency power while you’re on the go. If your cell phone battery dies, plug it in for a recharge and keep trekking until you get back to your hotel room’s electrical outlet.

If your hotel does not have a gym on-site, it does not mean you have to leave your fitness routine behind. Take along a compact kit that has all the tools needed to help keep you in shape. Look up exercises online that you can do right in your hotel room.

Keep your Clothing Simple

Black slacks or skirts for each day can almost serve as a uniform. One pair of dress shoes should suffice. Choose shirts that can be worn with a blazer and scarf during the workday. Remove the blazer to reveal a classy top for dinner out later. For men, ditch the necktie after hours. Consider events outside of the workday and pack appropriately for evening activities. Don’t forget to pack your most comfy pair of pajamas to slip into at the end of your very long day.

Office Supplies and Other

Consider what you might need to bring from the office such as files, pens, notepaper, and business cards. And don’t forget your personal toiletries. Do a double check the morning you leave and make sure you’ve packed your toothbrush, deodorant and favorite cologne/perfume as well as any daily medications, vitamins and supplements.

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Check it Twice

Have a feeling you’re forgetting something? Check with your travel agent and ask for a business travel checklist. Agents will have one handy to email or text. Company owners rely on travel agents to ensure their employees have an organized itinerary for their professional travel. Agents take the time to arrange flights, ground transportation and hotels in addition to advising on the best places to dine and sight-see during off-time. Travel agents save the boss time, money and no doubt frustration by arranging all the details.

Whether for business or pleasure, contacting a travel agent will ensure you’re getting the most out of your trip.