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Expert Tips for Finding the Perfect Gorilla-Proof Luggage

best luggage 2017

Do you remember those old luggage commercials where they let an angry looking gorilla try to destroy suitcases to prove theirs was the best? Durable luggage has been a top priority (and elusive treasure) for travelers throughout the ages. One of the most important tools of every traveler is the perfect piece of luggage. Choose Read more

Tips for An Easy, Stress-Free Kid-Friendly Vacation

plan a family trip

Most people think of Disney when they think of kid-friendly resorts, and while Disney certainly does have pleasing kids down to a science – it’s not your only option. First thing to do when trying to plan a family trip with something for everyone is to call your travel agent. They will either tell you Read more

9 Secrets to Fight Your Post-Vacation Blues

Post Vacation Blues

After coming home from a great vacation, it can be a real bummer to face the week ahead. Having to unpack, clean clothes, grocery shop and get ready for the work week ahead can make us feel a little (sometimes even a lot) sad about the great time we left behind. But just because your Read more

Where Should You Go On Vacation Next?

where should I vacation

Have you always wanted to travel to a specific destination just because you’ve heard it’s beautiful? Are you basing your decision on your parents’ second-honeymoon they took to said destination more than 20 years ago? Are you certain that you will feel the same way about that destination that your best friend did when she Read more

Your Ultimate Checklist for International Travel

International Travel checklist

International travel can be both exciting and overwhelming. You spend a great deal of time choosing your destination and planning the places you will visit. You should give just as much attention, if not more, to planning and preparing the details of your departure from home.  This International Travel checklist will help you do just that.  With Read more

How Working with a Travel Agent Can Save You Money

Below is a guest post from Travel Agent Laura Gibson of Love Shack Vacations. She shares the importance of trusting a travel agent’s experience to get you the best deal. Trust your travel agent! Whenever you make a large investment, like buying a car, it’s a good idea to do some research. But when you’re Read more

You Can’t Afford to NOT Travel

health benefits of vacations

We can all make excuses for not taking a vacation: I don’t have the money. I’m running my own business. I just don’t have time. No one can run things in the office if I’m gone. My kids don’t travel well. My spouse has no desire to go anywhere. I’ll have too much work to Read more

Packing Tips For a Business Trip

business packing tips

Packing for a business trip is a little different than packing for a vacation. It’s often last-minute, so you don’t have the luxury of time and planning. Travel agents are usually the ones that handle business travel for their corporate clients, which makes it a cinch for the traveler. Ask your travel agent all the Read more