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What to do When the Airline Loses Your Luggage

When Your Bags Get Lost, Who You Gonna Call? Your Travel Agent!

This is a guest post from Travel Agent Camille Sanders. Read on to find out how travel agents can help you out even after you’ve reached your destination.

As a travel agent, I specialize in honeymoons, destination weddings, and romantic vacations for couples. I love helping my clients plan the trip of their dreams. Even when things don’t go according to plan – like when all your luggage goes missing en route to your honeymoon – I make it my top priority to ensure your trip gets back on track. Below is an email I received from the couple after their honeymoon when their bags didn’t make it to the destination on time.

Hello Camille, 

Thank you just isn’t enough for all that you’ve done for my husband and me. When our luggage was lost, you took the initiative to help us find it, and you didn’t have to do that. Even though our luggage issue had nothing to do with you or your company, you got the ball rolling and were able to contact the right people. We were being passed around between airline representatives and made several unanswered phone calls, but you got it figured out. You went above and beyond your job duties and that was greatly appreciated. I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget what you did for us.

Our luggage finally arrived Wednesday evening. Nothing was missing and all of our valuables were accounted for. We filled out all the necessary paperwork for the airline, and they said about 4-8 weeks for a refund. It was so helpful to have you guide us through the process and tell us which forms to ask for to get a refund.

It was a honeymoon to remember for sure. Thank you so much for helping us plan it. We’ve decided to use only you for all our future travel needs. We even recommended you to some of our friends and family.

Thanks again for a job well done. We really can’t thank you enough.


The Newlyweds

When issues like lost bags or delayed flights come up on important trips, it can be hard to figure out what to do. That’s why as a travel agent, I always tell my clients to call me with any questions or problems that come up. I make sure they know I am there to help them from the time they call to when they arrive safely at home.

We all want vacations that make great memories, and yes, sometimes the unexpected can happen. With a travel agent in your corner, you’re assured that your vacation will be unforgettable – in the best way possible. 

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